Welcome to the Laboratory of Quantum Nano-optics at EPFL!

(from left to right: Wen, Alex, Björn, Chenglian, Anna, Santiago, Yueting, Sachin, Martin, Christophe, Hossein, Aqeel)

Our laboratory explores quantum dynamics in nanostructures and small molecules on time scales ranging from femto- to nanoseconds.

The focus of our research is vibrational quantum dynamics. Using ultrafast laser pulses and spectrally-resolved photon counting, our goal is to prepare the system in a non-classical vibrational state and measure the decay of quantum correlations. Individual nanosystems are probed with confocal microscopy and near-field probes (plasmonic nanoantennas).

Our goal is to study quantum decoherence at the nano- and mesoscale, to clarify the role of quantum effects in molecular photophysics and photochemistry, and to explore new nanomaterials for emerging quantum technologies.

The first symposium on Diamond Photonics took place at EPFL on May 19-22, 2019

Funding from the Latsis Foundation is acknowledged.

Welcome to the new group members in April-May 2019:

  • Dr. Wen Chen, PhD from Wuhan University, works on the “THOR” project on molecular optomechanics
  • Dr. Anna Pobgrebna, PhD from Jozef Stefan Institute, works on time-resolved quantum correlations
  • Dr. Martin Pototschnig, PhD from ETH Zürich, works on optical force sensing on chiral nanostructures
  • Mr. Sachin Verlekar, Master student at IISER Pune, works on spectrally resolved quantum correlations measurement and calculation

Welcome to Chenglian Zhu coming from KIT for her Master’s thesis!

December 4th, 2018

Chenglian will work on the molecular cavity optomechanics project together with Aqeel Ahmed and Philippe Roelli (collaboration with K-Lab at EPFL)

Latest preprint of the group on the arXiv: “Birth and death of a single quantum of vibration”

November 8th, 2018

We are happy to announce that our latest manuscript is now online on arXiv: https://arxiv.org/abs/1811.03038

Welcome to Hossein in the new “Diamond Sensor” team!

November 1st, 2018

Hossein Babashah is starting his PhD with the support of an “EPFLinnovator” fellowship and of the company LakeDiamond. He will develop a new platform for magnetic field sensing with NV centers. Welcome!

August 16th, 2018

An update on upcoming conference presentations from our group:

August 2018

Congratulations to Santiago and Aqeel for brilliantly passing their Candidacy Exams! They are now officially PhD candidates — and on good tracks!

Congratulations to Bernadette, Tianqi and Nils for their successful Master theses!

First paper of the group published in Physical Review Letters:

Detecting the birth and death of a phonon

June 2018
EPFL physicists have developed a new technique to probe elementary quantum excitations of atomic vibrations inside a diamond crystal under ambient conditions. The technique uses ultra-short laser pulses and detectors sensitive to single photons.

Recent conference and workshop presentations

(first created March 12th, 2018)

Here is a summary of the recent presentations from the lab in conferences and workshops:

  • April 16th – 18th: Invited talk from Prof. Galland at the workshop “Strong Coupling in Organic Materials” in Eindhoven, Netherland
  • April 22nd – 26th: Oral presentations from Aqeel Ahmed and Santiago Tarrago at SPIE Photonics in Strasbourg, France. (see update below)
  • May 21st – 25th: Oral presentation from Prof. Galland at the “Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics” in Mallorca, Spain.

New paper on arXiv: single phonon ring-down spectroscopy

February 19th, 2018

Single Phonon Creation and Annihilation

Congratulation to my team and our collaborators from the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Nanosystems at EPFL and Nicolas Sangouard from the Quantum Optics Theory Group in Basel: our latest results are now published on the arXiv and were submitted for peer-review!

Aqeel and Santiago to present their work at SPIE Photonics Europe in Strasbourg, April 22-26, 2018

February 14th, 2018

Photonics Europe 2018

The two abstracts have been accepted for 20min oral presentation:
Plasmonic cavities for enhanced Raman scattering from molecules, by Aqeel on Monday April 23:
Photonic Quantum correlation mediated by a single phonon in diamond, by Santiago on Wednesday April 25:

Group picture in the optics lab, April 2018

The LQNO team in Spring 2018: (from left to right) Nils, Christophe, Aqeel, Tianqi, Santiago and Bernadette

Welcome to Bernadette and Nils

January 31st, 2018

We welcome Bernadette (exchange Bachelor student from Imperial College) and Nils (EPFL Master student) in the group for their research internship until July 2018!

Welcome to Santiago, Mitchell and Aqeel

July/ August, 2017

The first two PhD students of the group, Santiago Tarrago Velez and Aqeel Ahmed, make their start in July and August, respectively. Dr. Mitchell Anderson is also joining the group as a postdoc until the end of year. The team is ready!

2017 SNSF Professorships announced

March 2nd, 2017   

The Swiss National Science Foundation released the 42 recepients of an SNSF Professorship after the 18th call (detailed list).

“The new SNSF professors will be working in 8 Swiss Universities and both Federal Institutes of Technology. They will be active in research, teaching and clinical work and will enjoy the status of an assistant professor or equivalent.”